Gardiner Group


Gardiner Consulting Group is a management consultancy specialising in operations management , information technology , and business education.

Operations Management

The operations management consulting includes strategic business planning, business excellence, sales and operations planning, project management, lean production, flow manufacturing, six sigma methodologies, process analysis, process flow scheduling, process capability, total quality management, production planning, facility location and layout, warehousing and logistics, forecasting, inventory optimisation, and advanced production systems.

Information Technology

The information technology consulting guides client companies to make better use of their investment in computer hardware and software. This is achieved by ensuring that the investment is consistent with well-researched and documented business strategies and that the implementation progresses in an orderly fashion without disruption to normal business activities. We assist with the selection of application software and computing technology and we manage the implementation project.

Business Education

Business education is targeted to facilitate the implementation and improvement efforts of client companies. Our consulting activities are usually associated with change and we prefer our client companies to be self sufficient and capable of continuing the change process after we leave. This requires education and an understanding of the philosophies supporting our consulting activities.

We have extensive experience in the implementation of enterprise resource management (ERP) systems. Typically, these systems incorporate all aspects of our company - operations management, information technology, and business education.