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Mathematics Refresher Course for Real Estate Agents


This Mathematics Refresher Course is aimed at assisting real estate agents to gain competence and confidence with business mathematics. During this course you should develop the necessary skills and background knowledge to enable you to apply this learning in a general business environment and simultaneously meet the requirements for non-verifiable continuing education. Some of the examples relate specifically to the real estate business environment.

Non-verifiable continuing education is structured training to help you to continue to improve as a licensee. Providers do not have to be approved but you need to keep records to demonstrate you have undertaken the training.

  • Each Offer equates to five hours of non-verifiable continuing education.

Some students may take longer than five hours per offer and some may be able to complete an offer in less than five hours. Regardless of the actual time taken each student will be credited with five hours per offer. Upon course completion you will receive a certificate indicating five hours of training per offer.

The idea is that you really learn and understand the material and not just “get through” the course


Enrolled students can download electronic copies of all the materials for each offer that has been purchased. Each offer has a coursebook, a Powerpoint slide file and an assignment. Students complete the course in their own time and upload the assignment for marking. The lecturer will mark it and return it with helpful comments as appropriate.

The Mathematics Refresher Course for Real Estate Agents consists of four offers:

1st Offer

  • Introduction to Mathematics                     (5 hours for course and assignment)

2nd Offer

  • Second Stage Mathematics                    (5 hours for course and assignment)

3rd Offer

  • Financial Mathematics                             (5 hours for course and assignment)

4th Offer

  • Property Management                             (5 hours for course and assignment)

It is highly recommended that the 1st Offer is taken first. Thereafter the offers can be purchased and completed in any sequence. All offers include extensive tutorial assistance with Microsoft Excel including the development of spreadsheets, the drawing of graphs, the inclusion of spreadsheets and graphs in Microsoft Word documents, the use of some data analysis tools and the use of some in-built formulas and calculators.

1st Offer:  Introduction to Mathematics                   (5 hours for course and assignment)

  • Spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel tutorial
  • Numbers and rounding
  • Order of operations
  • Powers
  • Subscripts and summation
  • Inequalities
  • Percentage calculations
  • Prices including and excluding GST
  • Solving equations
  • Algebraic expressions

2nd Offer: Second Stage Mathematics                    (5 hours for course and assignment)

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Populations and samples
  • Indices
  • Calculating commissions
  • Correlation
  • Introduction to property investment

3rd Offer: Financial Mathematics                             (5 hours for course and assignment)

  • Simple and compound interest
  • Future value
  • Present value
  • Net present value
  • Internal rate of return
  • Amortisation


4th Offer: Property Management                             (5 hours for course and assignment)

  • Areas
  • Depreciation
  • Appreciation
  • Mortgage calculations
  • Renovation calculations
  • Investment analysis
  • Break-even analysis



The Mathematics Refresher Course for Real Estate Agents 1st Offer, 2nd Offer and 3rd Offer are available now. Students may proceed through the course at their own pace. The duration for each offer depends on the starting point for each student and the pace that they adopt to get through the material.

However, upon completion of each offer you will receive a certificate indicating 5 hours of non-verifiable continuing education.



Access and Register.



1st Offer

  • Introduction to Mathematics                $92 GST inclusive

2nd Offer

  • Second Stage Mathematics                     $92 GST inclusive

3rd Offer

  • Financial Mathematics                             $92 GST inclusive)

4th Offer

  • Property Management                             $92 GST inclusive


After signing into the maths refresher website you will have two ways of making payment, credit card payment by Visa / Mastercard or bank transfer using internet banking.

Select Payment method Credit Card for credit card payment by Visa or Mastercard:

This will transfer you to Paymark for secure credit card transactions.

Select Payment method Internet banking for a bank transfer using internet banking:

An invoice will be emailed to your email address or you can download it from the website. The invoice will contain the following payment details:

Account Name:        Gardiner Consultants Limited

Account Number:   06 0287 0270357 00

Bank:                           ANZ Bank

Branch:                       Hornby Business Branch

Enter your name in CODE and invoice number (if available) in REFERENCE

Post registration:

When payment is confirmed you may Signin to and access the full set of course materials for the chosen offer. Send an email to David Gardiner (Lecturer) if you have any issues or queries. Send the email to  




Here are some instructions to help you succeed in the refresher course.

You should have (or will be able to access) the following course materials for each offer

  • One Adobe pdf file containg course description
  • One Adobe pdf file containing the course book notes
  • One Powerpoint slide file to be used in conjunction with the course book notes
  • One Word documents containing the assignment

The requirements are that you successfully complete the assignment for each offer. To complete an assignment you need to show me that you have an understanding of the concepts involved. 

Assignments should be uploaded to the website. Some of the WORD documents containing the assignment questions will have embedded Excel files in them. If you right-click onto these embedded files, then use WORKSHEET OBJECT and OPEN they will open up as an Excel workbook.

You will receive an email when the assignment has been marked. You can then download the assignment from the website and examine the feedback comments as appropriate.  No feedback is provided when an answer is not attempted.

The method you should use is to open up the Powerpoint files and set it to slide show. (SLIDESHOW from the beginning or from current slide). Then using the Powerpoint slideshow as a prompt work your way through the course book notes for each module. At the end of each module, you should do the corresponding assignment.

All assignments are marked by the lecturer. Assignments receive a “pass” when successfully completed and the student receives a “pass” for the offer.

Happy studying.  I look forward to receiving your assignments.

David Gardiner Refresher course lecturer


Telephone:  Mobile 021 655 855

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